Efficiency Upgrades

Forced Hot Water?

Reduce your Heating Bills by 10-20% and
Increase the Comfort Level in your Home

The Beckett Heat Manager is guaranteed to cut your heating fuel consumption by 10-20%!

Your boiler is not as efficient as it could be. When your boiler runs, it makes extremely hot water. This is great on frigid winter nights when you need very hot water circulating through your baseboards or radiators to keep warm – but it’s too hot for those autumn days. In fact, it’s too hot for most days in the fall, winter and spring; but your boiler doesn’t know any better.

Thankfully, your thermostat realizes the problem. It compensates for the excessively hot water by turning your boiler on and off many times an hour. This keeps your house from overheating.

What the thermostat doesn’t realize though, is that the repeated on/off cycling wears out your boiler and is a very inefficient way for the boiler to operate. Worst of all, it costs you a lot of money.

Optimize your boiler’s efficiency now with the Beckett Heat-Manager. The Heat-Manager will automatically adjust the average temperature of the circulating hot water in your system as your heating needs change, so you’ll get just the right amount of heat at the right time. By adding a Heat-Manager to your boiler system, you’ll experience these results:

  • 10-20% reduction in heating fuel usage – Guaranteed!
  • More even comfort level, since the heat being delivered will match exactly what is needed, rather than providing spikes of heat every so often.
  • Less wear and tear on your boiler due to fewer on/off cycles.

The Beckett Heat-Manager is easily installed, and can be installed on most new or existing boiler-type heating systems. Call DENOMMEE Plumbing and Heating at 978-649-8886 to have your Beckett Heat-Manager installed and start saving money today!


taco fuel miserThe FuelMizer™ (SR501-OR) microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature. The FuelMizer is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit; it is ideal for retrofit application, but may also be used in new installations as well.

Features include:

  • Full outdoor boiler reset control
  • Can control system or zone valve circulator
  • Over-ride of outdoor reset when DHW tank is calling
  • Easy to install and set; will not affect boiler’s warranty
  • Front mounted LED lights for full diagnostic information
  • Ideal for retrofit applications of just about any hot water boiler
  • Typical energy savings is about 14% with some customers experiencing up to 30%
  • Fuel Mizer video


What Is Zoning?

Zoning uses automatic zone dampers that are placed in your ducts to control airflow  to certain rooms or zones of your home or office.  Each damper is controlled by its own thermostat, making controlling your heating & cooling as simple as it is to control your lights. 





Energy Savings:

Think about how you have a light switch for every room of the house, but typically only one thermostat. What costs more to operate, lighting or your HVAC System? On average HVAC is 55-65% of your monthly utility bill. Imagine being able to reduce this part of your utility bill 30% with zoning.

Comfort and Convenience:

Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in distinct areas of your home by placing a thermostat in each room (or zone.)  In most homes, you will find only one thermostat controlling the temperature for the entire house. That thermostat is usually located in a hallway and will keep the hallway at the temperature you set, but what about the rest of the house?  Other areas of the home fluctuate from too hot to too cold because they are controlled by the hallway thermostat.  Adding a zoning system allows a thermostat in each room (or zone) for individual temperature control and convenience. It also allows you to shut off unoccupied rooms, saving on energy.

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