Water Heaters


DENOMMEE Plumbing and Heating sells, services and installs gas, electric, tank-less, indirect and oil fired water heaters.

Our services include the replacement of all needed pipe, valves, fittings and safety devices. We’ll also dispose of your old one.

We carry an inventory of the most common water heaters to assist our customers after hours as needed.

If you purchased your own water heater and want us to install it… no problem, as long as it meets all code requirements.


Bradford White’s Defender Safety System

When Bradford White introduced the Defender Safety System™, their FVIR water heater, they made a lot of claims about performance, convenience and features. It’s so gratifying to look back and see that everything they promised

Bradford White Defender

Bradford White Defender

was absolutely true.

The new design didn’t affect the dimensions of their water heaters. This makes replacement an easier job. Service calls pertaining to the new design are virtually non-existent. More importantly, they haven’t altered capacities for the new technology.

The features provided include a pedestal base, resettable thermal switch, combustion chamber sight window, and Piezo Igniter. These features have allowed the Defender Safety System™ to join the ranks of such proven winners as the Hydro-Jet® Total Performance System and their exclusive Vitraglas® lining.

While they’re proud to have kept their word regarding the Defender, there’s one Bradford White feature that stands far above the rest. All Bradford White products are available only to plumbing professionals. We remain a company that is engineered for the trade.

What’s next from Bradford White? Get ready for more. Soon they will incorporate Defender technology into additional models. Contact DENOMMEE Plumbing and Heating at 978-649-8886 for more information on the Defender Safety System.

In Direct Water Heater

 In some cases domestic hot water is produced by cycling hot water from a hydronic or steam boiler through a coil inside of a steel tank. The water in the tank is heated by the water in the coil.

 Indirect fired water heater tanks for domestic hot water, such as the SuperStorTM are usually located close to the heating boiler and will have both cold and hot water lines leaving the tank to supply the building with domestic hot water and a loop of piping that runs between the [usually the] bottom of the tank and a nearby heating boiler.

                      Efficiency of Indirect Fired Water Heaters

An indirect-fired water heater is a more efficient way to use a home heating boiler to make domestic hot water. Why? Because the heating boiler will run less often, and when it does run, it will have a longer “on” cycle (as it has to heat up the tank of hot water). Both of these conditions are a more efficient way to burn home heating oil than using a tank-less coil.

In sum, during the heating season, when a heating boiler is likely to be “hot” most of the time anyway because it is heating the home, a tank-less coil installed on a heating boiler is a reasonable way to obtain some domestic hot water from the system, though in most installations a tank-less coil will not be able to produce as much hot water for as long a time period as what we can obtain from a separate water heater.

But an indirect-fired water heater always makes more efficient use of the home heating boiler, year round. And since the consumer can decide how big a hot water tank she wants, 50 or even 100 gallons of hot water can be kept in reserve. More than we can normally obtain from a conventional domestic tank-less coil on a heating boiler.


There are two major types of water heaters, those with coils and the twin walled tank. The water heater which we manufacture, the “Tank-in-Tank”, doesn’t fall within either of these categories. The difference between our water heaters and those with coils is clear since in the former the primary fluid heats the domestic hot water from the outside while the other heats it from the inside out. On the other hand the twin walled water heaters have an area near the bottom which is not heated and the heat transfer surface is smaller than in the “Tank-in-Tank”. It is also necessary to note that only the “Tank-in-Tank” protects the user against flooding. In cases of the hot water tank rupturing the water will simply join the heating circuit. The only consequence of this will be a higher than normal pressure in the primary circuit. Despite all this the most important characteristics of the “Tank-in-Tank” are its capability for auto-descaling and its long life expectancy combined with the reduced requirement for regular maintenance.

state tanklessTank-less

DENOMMEE Plumbing and Heating is happy to offer the State line of tank-less, gas-fired water heaters. Whether your application is residential or commercial, A State model efficiently and quietly work hard behind the scenes providing a continuous supply of hot water.

These compact, powerful water heaters can be installed indoors or out and supply hot water at the desired temperature to multiple points of use simultaneously. With an exceptional flow rate, a State model can provide all the hot water needed. Shower after shower, load after load of laundry, State tank-less water heaters  save energy, save space and save money. You will value the comfort and convenience of on-demand, endless hot water.


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