A/C Tune-up Time

Dirty-Heat-Pump-Condenser-Coils-1If you haven’t scheduled an A/C tune-up yet this spring, waiting to schedule the service — or worse, failing to do so — can result in unintended consequences for the system and your budget. Experts agree that A/C maintenance encourages lower energy consumption, a drop in energy costs and better home comfort.

Why should you schedule an A/C tune-up?

No other service compares to A/C maintenance in depth. The service includes two primary tasks: cleaning and prevention. Without them, your air conditioner would become rife with dirt buildup, and dirt’s generally a cooling system’s number one enemy. During a tune-up, the technician will carefully remove certain components, gaining access to the entire cooling system. He will methodically clean all of the components, using specialized cleaning solutions as necessary on the coils and motor, for instance, ensuring that the system is restored to near-new conditions.

Along the way, the HVAC technician keeps a close eye out for parts that are showing signs of wear — the air conditioner’s other primary enemy. When parts begin to wear, the air conditioner consumes more energy to compensate for the stress, driving up energy bills and decreasing the system’s ability to generate cooled air. Take the air handler, for instance. As dirt builds up on the blades of the fan, it weighs them down, placing stress on the motor’s internal components and causing the motor to work harder. Eventually, you’ll experience more than higher energy costs, as the motor will fail, leading to a costly repair and a period of time without air conditioning — an entirely avoidable hassle.

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What Is Zoning?

Zoning uses automatic zone dampers that are placed in your ducts to control airflow to certain rooms or zones of your home or office. Each damper is controlled by its own thermostat, making controlling your heating & cooling as simple as it is to control your lights. Energy Savings:


Think about how you have a light switch for every room of the house, but typically only one thermostat. What costs more to operate, lighting or your HVAC System? On average HVAC is 55-65% of your monthly utility bill. Imagine being able to reduce this part of your utility bill 30% with zoning.


Comfort and Convenience:

Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in distinct areas of your home by placing a thermostat in each room (or zone.) In most homes, you will find only one thermostat controlling the temperature for the entire house. That thermostat is usually located in a hallway and will keep the hallway at the temperature you set, but what about the rest of the house? Other areas of the home fluctuate from too hot to too cold because they are controlled by the hallway thermostat. Adding a zoning system allows a thermostat in each room (or zone) for individual temperature control and convenience. It also allows you to shut off unoccupied rooms, saving on energy.

Taco FuelMizer

taco fuel miserThe FuelMizer™ (SR501-OR) microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply water temperature of a single boiler, based on the outdoor temperature. The FuelMizer is a boiler reset control and switching relay in one unit; it is ideal for retrofit application, but may also be used in new installations as well.

Features include:

Full outdoor boiler reset control
Can control system or zone valve circulator
Over-ride of outdoor reset when DHW tank is calling
Easy to install and set; will not affect boiler’s warranty
Front mounted LED lights for full diagnostic information
Ideal for retrofit applications of just about any hot water boiler
Typical energy savings is about 14% with some customers experiencing up to 30%

Early Bird boiler replacement

I know we are still in the middle of the summer and the temps are still in the 80′s. Fall is around the corner if we are ready for it or not. If you have an old clunker gas boiler like this one in your basement you’ve been thinking about replacing. If your tired of wondering if your boiler is going to make it through one more cold New England winter. If your scared its producing high levels of dangerous carbon monoxide or if it’s downright un safe. If your tired of cold showers and expensive service calls during the winter months, this might be your chance to grab a huge rebate. If you think your gas boiler is at least 30 years old, National Grid is running an early bird boiler replacement program. This program only runs for another few weeks or until the funding is gone. The rebate is up to $3500.00 for a gas boiler replacement and it’s free money. This rebate money is basically your money, it comes from all those little fee’s you pay at the bottom of your gas or electric bill month after month year after year. Why not take advantage and recoup some of the money you have put into this program over the years? The only IMG00292-20100825-0912catch is the boiler must be at least 30 plus years old and you must replace it with one of today’s high efficiency heating units. The program is available to MA residents only but rental property qualifies also. The program is just for hot water boilers, not steam or forced air systems. No income qualifications, no baloney just a rebate to replace your dinosaur of a boiler. You’ll have to act now if you want to get it done before the winter months creep in. We’ve helped lots of customers take advantage of this program already this summer and it really works. They also have a rebate for oil boilers too and it’s $1750.00. Your never see oil boiler rebates.

If your looking for more information, just drop us and e-mail or call our office at 978-649-8886. Your friends at Denommee Plumbing & Heating can help and guide you with the process from start to finish including zero interest loans for qualified borrowers.

Don’t think you can have central air conditioning?

Mitsubishi photoNot everyone’s house is equipped with a warm air heating system. Years ago that meant you really couldn’t install central air conditioning without a huge expense. Today we have Mini-Split air conditioning systems to solve the problem. We can install as little as one outside condenser unit and up to 8  interior evaporator coils. We can also install as little as one unit to handle one room if that’s all you want. These interior units are slim, whisper quiet and discrete. They offer the advantage of central air without the expense of installing duct work. Some of these units are also capable of heating and can be used as central heat source also. They come equipped with wireless remote thermostats for each unit and are very efficient at cooling and heating. At Denommee Plumbing we install only the best, that means Mitsubishi’s full line of Mini-Split systems. Our company is Triple-Diamond certified and trained by Mitsubishi to install and service these units. If you’re considering central air and want to take advantage of this technology just give us a call to set an appointment for a free estimate.

Spring is here!!

Old man winter finally let us go and spring is actually here. It’s already time to start thinking about your air conditioning system. If you don’t already have central air conditioning give us a call at Denommee Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. for a free estimate. We install both Maytag’s and Mitsubishi’s full line of high-efficiency air conditioning systems. If you already have central air conditioning it’s time to think about annual spring service. Air conditioning systems need to be cleaned annually both outside and inside for proper efficient function. Dirty evaporator coils or external condenser coils reduce efficiency, use lots of extra electricity and can stress your entire system. This added stress can cause weak components to fail prematurely. Refrigerant levels and motor amperage draws need to be checked to be sure all the components are ready for the challenges ahead. We also clean and check internal condensate piping and condensate pumps to help avoid leaks and flooding. Finding potential problems and fixing them before they fail saves you the headache of hot sleepless nights or maybe even a costly emergency service call. Long summers of heavy use bring bee’s nests, dirt, grass and mulch, fall brings blowing leaves and winter brings snow, more dirt and wind-blown debris that clogg external condensers. Cold weather also brings lots of critters looking for a nice place to call home for the winter. They find your air conditioner an irresistibly cozy place to spend the winter months.Those critters almost always enjoy snacking on your air conditioners internal wiring and insulation. We see lots of failures and damaging fires every year started by chewed wiring and mouse bedding. A quick check-up can make sure your system is ready for the challenge ahead. Calling early will get you on the list first and ensure your system will be ready for the heat and humidity to come. We are running an early bird “May only” special just for all our Facebook friends. The special is $199.00 for our spring A/C clean and 086tune up service. Send us a message through Facebook, mention it when you schedule an appointment on our website or when you call our office. Don’t wait til it’s too late and your stuck in the sticky heat waiting for emergency service. Set up an appointment today and be ready for a nice cool relaxing stress free summer.

Spring Time & Sump Pumps

Good Morning & Happy Monday!
  With the up coming snow storm, it’s hard to believe that spring time is right around the corner. With spring comes the rain, combined with the snow melting can cause the ground water to be high. If your home has a sump pump, and you have not already, now is the time to make sure everything working is properly.Submersable
  Sump pumps are designed to last for a long time. However, no mechanical device is perfect and they all need proper maintenance and testing to ensure they work right. If you have a sump pump in your home, make sure you test it on a regular basis and provide simple maintenance. By testing your pump regularly, you will be able to fix any problems before the pump is needed. Regular maintenance will help keep your pump working right for many years.
  First, make sure the outlet has power, plug something in like a light that you know is working to check. To test your sump pump, the float has to be lifted until the pump comes on. If you can add water to the area where the pump is located, the float will rise and switch on. This means your pump is working. If adding water is not an option, you can lift the float with your hand until the pump comes on. Make sure you do not let the pump run longer than a few seconds without water in it, otherwise, you could damage the pump. If your sump pump does not come on, have it serviced immediately.
 Pedestal Maintaining your sump pump takes only a few minutes of your time every few months. Run clear, clean water through your sump pump to remove any dirt and debris. Dirt and debris can cause a pump to become clogged. You should also make sure the location is free of debris. By taking care of your sump pump, you will not have to worry when the rains come down and the water starts to rise. You will know that your sump pump is doing its job.
  Also, if your home experiences power outages during storms you may want to consider installing a back up battery with a high water alarm.687f4e04-f9e1-4dad-b079-3a279ea9f034_145 The battery will stay charged by a trickle charger so it’s always ready when needed.
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Clogged Toilets

toilet For many new homeowners, the assumption may be that the adventure is over once you’ve actually bought your dream house. Existing homeowners, however, would almost certainly beg to differ. After all, getting the house could be said to be just the beginning. There are indeed quite a few stories to be told once this biggest investment of a lifetime has been made of course; actually living in that house makes this the case.
Living in a new house requires a person to relearn many things, and learn some new things along the way as well. Life skills and life lessons are all there for the new homeowner to pick up, not least of them making sure the house remains in good living condition and everything in it continues to make the investment worth the while. There is also the need to make sure to do this to avoid racking up even more costs, such as raised utility expenses due to inefficient or faulty fixtures or even repair bills for when things fall apart.
One room that commonly goes unnoticed when maintenance and repair discussions are being had is the bathroom. Actually one of the more important rooms in the house, the bathroom has plenty of fixtures that rely on precise installation and reasonably capable maintenance work to keep them in good working order. Of course, this usually goes unnoticed and ignored until the inconvenience of having a non-working shower or toilet comes up.
How do you know your toilet is blocked? Blocked toilets commonly have a few features in common. Water that isn’t going down or takes a while to go down is one of the most obvious signs – a bad clog in particular will have the water not just refuse to go down, but instead even go up and overflow over of the bowl.
One of the most common reasons behind blockage is toilet paper – not all toilet papers dissolve easily, and buildup can result in clogging. Cotton balls, Q-tips, hair and items other than the toilets intended purpose flushed down the toilet as a means of disposing them will almost certainly result in blockage, so avoiding this and making sure disposal is instead done properly will go a long way toward keeping your toilet clear of clogs.

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