A/C Tune-up Time

Dirty-Heat-Pump-Condenser-Coils-1If you haven’t scheduled an A/C tune-up yet this spring, waiting to schedule the service — or worse, failing to do so — can result in unintended consequences for the system and your budget. Experts agree that A/C maintenance encourages lower energy consumption, a drop in energy costs and better home comfort.

Why should you schedule an A/C tune-up?

No other service compares to A/C maintenance in depth. The service includes two primary tasks: cleaning and prevention. Without them, your air conditioner would become rife with dirt buildup, and dirt’s generally a cooling system’s number one enemy. During a tune-up, the technician will carefully remove certain components, gaining access to the entire cooling system. He will methodically clean all of the components, using specialized cleaning solutions as necessary on the coils and motor, for instance, ensuring that the system is restored to near-new conditions.

Along the way, the HVAC technician keeps a close eye out for parts that are showing signs of wear — the air conditioner’s other primary enemy. When parts begin to wear, the air conditioner consumes more energy to compensate for the stress, driving up energy bills and decreasing the system’s ability to generate cooled air. Take the air handler, for instance. As dirt builds up on the blades of the fan, it weighs them down, placing stress on the motor’s internal components and causing the motor to work harder. Eventually, you’ll experience more than higher energy costs, as the motor will fail, leading to a costly repair and a period of time without air conditioning — an entirely avoidable hassle.

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