Early Bird boiler replacement

I know we are still in the middle of the summer and the temps are still in the 80′s. Fall is around the corner if we are ready for it or not. If you have an old clunker gas boiler like this one in your basement you’ve been thinking about replacing. If your tired of wondering if your boiler is going to make it through one more cold New England winter. If your scared its producing high levels of dangerous carbon monoxide or if it’s downright un safe. If your tired of cold showers and expensive service calls during the winter months, this might be your chance to grab a huge rebate. If you think your gas boiler is at least 30 years old, National Grid is running an early bird boiler replacement program. This program only runs for another few weeks or until the funding is gone. The rebate is up to $3500.00 for a gas boiler replacement and it’s free money. This rebate money is basically your money, it comes from all those little fee’s you pay at the bottom of your gas or electric bill month after month year after year. Why not take advantage and recoup some of the money you have put into this program over the years? The only IMG00292-20100825-0912catch is the boiler must be at least 30 plus years old and you must replace it with one of today’s high efficiency heating units. The program is available to MA residents only but rental property qualifies also. The program is just for hot water boilers, not steam or forced air systems. No income qualifications, no baloney just a rebate to replace your dinosaur of a boiler. You’ll have to act now if you want to get it done before the winter months creep in. We’ve helped lots of customers take advantage of this program already this summer and it really works. They also have a rebate for oil boilers too and it’s $1750.00. Your never see oil boiler rebates.

If your looking for more information, just drop us and e-mail or call our office at 978-649-8886. Your friends at Denommee Plumbing & Heating can help and guide you with the process from start to finish including zero interest loans for qualified borrowers.