Don’t think you can have central air conditioning?

Mitsubishi photoNot everyone’s house is equipped with a warm air heating system. Years ago that meant you really couldn’t install central air conditioning without a huge expense. Today we have Mini-Split air conditioning systems to solve the problem. We can install as little as one outside condenser unit and up to 8  interior evaporator coils. We can also install as little as one unit to handle one room if that’s all you want. These interior units are slim, whisper quiet and discrete. They offer the advantage of central air without the expense of installing duct work. Some of these units are also capable of heating and can be used as central heat source also. They come equipped with wireless remote thermostats for each unit and are very efficient at cooling and heating. At Denommee Plumbing we install only the best, that means Mitsubishi’s full line of Mini-Split systems. Our company is Triple-Diamond certified and trained by Mitsubishi to install and service these units. If you’re considering central air and want to take advantage of this technology just give us a call to set an appointment for a free estimate.