Spring is here!!

Old man winter finally let us go and spring is actually here. It’s already time to start thinking about your air conditioning system. If you don’t already have central air conditioning give us a call at Denommee Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. for a free estimate. We install both Maytag’s and Mitsubishi’s full line of high-efficiency air conditioning systems. If you already have central air conditioning it’s time to think about annual spring service. Air conditioning systems need to be cleaned annually both outside and inside for proper efficient function. Dirty evaporator coils or external condenser coils reduce efficiency, use lots of extra electricity and can stress your entire system. This added stress can cause weak components to fail prematurely. Refrigerant levels and motor amperage draws need to be checked to be sure all the components are ready for the challenges ahead. We also clean and check internal condensate piping and condensate pumps to help avoid leaks and flooding. Finding potential problems and fixing them before they fail saves you the headache of hot sleepless nights or maybe even a costly emergency service call. Long summers of heavy use bring bee’s nests, dirt, grass and mulch, fall brings blowing leaves and winter brings snow, more dirt and wind-blown debris that clogg external condensers. Cold weather also brings lots of critters looking for a nice place to call home for the winter. They find your air conditioner an irresistibly cozy place to spend the winter months.Those critters almost always enjoy snacking on your air conditioners internal wiring and insulation. We see lots of failures and damaging fires every year started by chewed wiring and mouse bedding. A quick check-up can make sure your system is ready for the challenge ahead. Calling early will get you on the list first and ensure your system will be ready for the heat and humidity to come. We are running an early bird “May only” special just for all our Facebook friends. The special is $199.00 for our spring A/C clean and 086tune up service. Send us a message through Facebook, mention it when you schedule an appointment on our website or when you call our office. Don’t wait til it’s too late and your stuck in the sticky heat waiting for emergency service. Set up an appointment today and be ready for a nice cool relaxing stress free summer.