Converting Your House from Oil to Gas

We are just about through the first month of 2013, are you aware of the new oil to natural gas conversion program from National Grid. There are several differences in the rebates from last year that you should know about if you have been considering an upgrade to your heating and cooling system. Most of the changes revolve around the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). You always want your boiler to operate above 77%, anything lower you are spending too much money to heat your home. National Grid has cut back a lot on its mail-in rebates, especially for the Alpine forced hot water products which were reduced $500 from all its models, and American Standard Ultra high-efficiency equipment was reduced $350 to $500. The most important changes came from the Alpine AFUE percentages; in 2012 all of the products were above 96% which brought home owners a rebate of $1500 instead of this year’s $1000 because of their 92% rating. The Freedom Forced Hot water Boiler efficiency was reduced down from 95% to 91%.
The 2013 rebate program from Gas Networks has some changes from the previous year as well. A natural gas furnace with electronically communicated motor went up from greater than 96% to 97% and is only offering a $450 rebate down from $800. Next a natural gas furnace that is 95% is only offering a $300 rebate, which is down from $500, and on to natural gas hot water boilers, greater than 95% down from 96%, with the rebate staying the same amount of $1500. The final change from Gas Networks is with the on-demand tank-less water heater which lowered their energy factor from greater than .95 to .94 that comes with an $800 dollar rebate. The reason why some of these increases / decreases are considered a big deal is because of the price of the equipment that conforms to the guidelines.
The thermostat rebates are always the ones that are overlooked by homeowners. You can get $25 dollars back on up to two 7-day programmable thermostats. New to the rebates this year is the Wi-Fi thermostats which offer $100 rebates on up to 2 per account. Even though most of the rebates are down from 2012, using either of these two companies to help in purchasing new energy-efficient equipment is a bargain. They allow you to purchase the equipment at very reasonable price. All you have to do is let us to order the equipment through the National Grid program and they will order it through a newly constructed website called

If you have any questions about the program or installation send us an email at, or contact us through our website,

Jack Trottier Fundraser Update

I wanted to thank everyone we reached who has stepped up in the last few days to help with the “Get Jack Better” fundraising effort. Barry Dick and everyone involved is doing one heck of a job organizing and making things happen so fast. Jack is on his way to the Sheperd Center in Atlanta Georgia with his mother to begin this next chapter in his recovery effort. From her note this morning his mother expects him to be in rehab for at least the next 8 weeks. According to Jacks dad Bill, the non covered expensed for the plane ride alone were $13,000 and his mother Chris can only stay with Jack for the first 4 weeks of his rehab effort. After that she will need to make other arrangements for housing for the balance of his stay.This effort as with Jacks recovery is more of a marathon than a sprint, we have a great start but it’s a long trail ahead. The money raised will be used to assist with non insurance covered expenses including  transportation, upgrades to Jacks home to make it accessible and living expenses incurred during his recovery. Another fundraising effort has been set up on Saturday March 2 at the Tyngsboro Sports Center 18 Progress Ave in Tyngsboro from 7 pm – midnight. Lots of money was raised the other day, but we need more to ensure they have enough to get them through. The tickets for the latest benefit are $20 each and are available through multiple outlets around town including Mike Flanagan, Barry Dick, Mike Woodlock, Beth Craig, Ann Tinnirella, Andrea Dillon, Shaun Wagner, Steve Manning, Dave Camacho and John Doherty. We also have tickets at the Denommee Plumbing & Heating office at 68 Westech Drive in Tyngsboro, we are open from 6:30 – 4pm week days if you want to stop by to purchase them directly. If you’d like to mail us a check to the ” Get Jack Better” fund we’ll mail the tickets directly to you from our office. Ann Tinnirella will be accepting any donations for the raffle or silent auction, she can be reached at 978-376-1474. Please remember 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the Trottier family.

Jack is a great kid, though I never had the pleasure of coaching him on the field, I have had the pleasure of working with him these last two summers at Denommee Plumbing. He’s a polite, Intelligent, energetic, hardworking young man with a bright future. In my blue-collar world you really don’t know a man until you’ve spent time working beside him. I can say I know both Jack and his family and they are worthy of this attention and all the effort to help them. They are humble people who would do the same if the roles were reversed.

We are meeting with Jack’s dad Bill this weekend to formulate a plan to make the house compatible with Jacks needs when he returns from The Sheperd Center. We will come up with a good plan that will be able to accommodate him as he recovers and implement it before his return. Jack’s long-term needs are not clear as it is still so early in the process of recovery. We’ll come up with a plan that suits his needs now and make sure we can adapt it as his needs change. We have a great crew of volunteers so far and are anxious to get things started. I’ll keep everyone posted through our web site blog and Facebook page about the construction and I’ll be sure to share some photo’s of the progress.

. Jack know’s he has a lot of work ahead of him ,but is ready to face this challenge and has a very positive attitude according to his Mom. This effort and all your help will allow Jack and his family to concentrate where it belongs and not sweat the small stuff.

Thanks again, Guy Denommee


Superman vision

Here is a look at one of our high tech tools we have here at Deno

mmee Plumbing &Heating. This is a thermal imaging camera we use to locate and identify pipes or cold spots in walls, ceilings, floors and even under concrete. We can identify over heating motors, loose wiring connections and water leaks. The camera identifies minute differences in temperature and gives us a view unseen by the naked eye. This picture is of a radiant heating manifold with two non functional zones. The orange pipes are heating properly, the darker blue ones are not. On days like today we use this camera when pipes are frozen to locate the most likely spot for the frost. This minimizes the time it takes to locate the problem area and the potential damage to locate them. It’s an expensive piece of high tech equipment that helps us save our customers money by quickly locating problem areas. We can pinpoint our attack and get people up and running quickly with minimal damage to the surroundings. We’re always looking for ways to serve our customers better. Investing in equipment and training along with great help makes Denommee Plumbing what it is. This all gives us an edge over our competition and adds value to every service call we do.

If Your Heating System Fails

Steam heating systems installed and serviced by Denommee Plumbing and Heating of Tyngsborough, MAIf you are noticing dropping temperatures below the set mark on the thermostat in your home or place of business, here are just a few simple things that you can check before you call us here at Denommee Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
-Check the Furnace Filter. (On Forced Air Systems)
A clogged filter can diminish air flow, and can cause too much heat to build up within the furnace, thus tripping the limit/safety switches. Clean or replace the air filter and reset the furnace.
-Check the thermostat.
A blank screen could indicate a tripped breaker, loose wires, or dead batteries. Check to see if the breaker for the system has tripped. See if the thermostat wires are tight at all the terminals. Some thermostats use batteries, so confirm that there are fresh batteries in the thermostat.
-Check the fuses.
A tripped breaker or blown fuse could cause a heating system to malfunction.
-Check the doors of the heating appliance.
If not installed properly, the door safety switch will not allow the system to fire.

If none of these minor repairs work, give us a call. A furnace or boiler is generally repairable. If a major component fails, such as a heat exchanger or control board, you may want to consider putting your money toward a new, high efficiency furnace, especially if your furnace is more than 15 years old. Give Denommee Plumbing & Heating a call at 978-649-8886 or schedule an appointment online from our website.

Bitter cold tips

Don’t know know if anyone is up yet, but this is what my thermometer is showing at my house. I’d say it’s darn cold out there. Bundle up before you go outside, keep those thermostats up, check all the basement windows and doors. Small drafts or an open window or door can do lots of damage to your plumbing or heating system when the temps drop below zero. Take 5 minutes, check the basement and all your plumbing to be sure it’s all working before you leave the house. If pipes are frozen, call right away, don’t wait or leave the house and hope the pipes thaw on their own . It’s not the freeze that causes most of the damage, it’s the thawing. Huge amounts of water damage can happen in a small amount of time. If the pipes are frozen chances are the damage to the pipes is done. It’s when they thaw the real fun starts. Don’t try to thaw them with open flames use a hair dryer from a safe distance or rags soaked in warm water or leave it to a pro. We have high tech electric pipe thawing equipment in professional hands that’s much safer to use. Most of all if it’s frozen and you have to leave the house don’t go without shutting the water off. Good luck and remember where here to help or just for advise.

Just A Quick Reminder

As the cold temps seem to be hanging around for a while, it might be a good idea to check those domestic water and heat pipes closest to outside walls and foundations (ie; outdoor faucets & basement heat loops) for any drafts or channeled air. Prolonged exposure from the concentrated cold drafts will more than likely cause a freeze in the line if the liquid is not circulating. Just make sure, if you need to add some insulation in the joist bay, not to block the warm air of the house from the pipes.

Jack Trottier

Most of you by now have heard about Jack Trottier, the young man from Tyngsboro who was injured in a snowboarding accident last week. Jack is at Children’s Hospital in Boston recovering from surgery to repair two broken vertebrae. At this point Jack is without sensation from his chest down. There is a big window for hope and improvement. Jack is young, strong, healthy and positive and it is very early in the recovery process.
Jack is a kind, hardworking kid and has worked the past two summers with us at Denommee Plumbing & Heating Inc.. Some of you might remember Jack as he worked in many of our customers homes these last two summers. Jack is a talented athlete and was the star quarterback of Tyngsboro’s varsity football team and a key member of the lacrosse team. I’ve known Jack’s family and Jack since he was a boy. Jack injuries are serious and he has a long road ahead of him. His family is trying to have him transferred to a rehab center in GA that specializes in spinal cord injuries. Jack’s mom Chris will move with him to GA to assist in his rehabilitation.The Trottier’s will be needing as much help and support as possible to cope with Jack’s injury. I’m making this request to all my customers and friends out there to please help if you can. Barry Dick has set up the “get Jack better” fund through Tiger Football, donations can be sent to the Dick Insurance Agency 461 Main st, Tewksbury MA, 01878 or through or on Facebook at
Jack is one of our own here at Denommee Plumbing, my men have volunteered their labor and my company will donate the material to help make Jack’s home from a “plumbing standpoint” accessible to him when he returns. Others have volunteered to help with the rest of the renovation and we have a good plan in place. The more immediate need is to help the family afford everyday living expenses and the other costs not covered by insurance. Jack’s dad Bill will be on the Hillman Morning show at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow to tell Jack’s story and the Hillman foundation will match all donations up to $5000.00. Please help if you can, Jack is a great kid with a bright future he and his family just need a little help to get through this.

Guy Denommee
Denommee Plumbing & Heating Inc.

The Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Winter is in full gear, which means most likely your home heating system has been in full gear, too. This is a very important time to make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working properly or even more importantly – to install a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t have one.
Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is created whenever any carbon based fuel (oil, wood, natural gas, etc.) is burned. Many home heating systems such as furnaces and water heaters generate some amount of carbon monoxide, which is typically sent out through a flue or chimney and then outdoors so it can’t harm you in your home. However, if a flue becomes blocked or starts leaking, your home may become a hazardous trap for CO.
Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it is very important you take steps to ensure your home is safe from this dangerous gas before it is too late, as it often is not noticed until the consequences are fatal. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or experience headaches – these are early signs of potential exposure to carbon monoxide. Prolonged exposure can be deadly, so make sure you give your CO detector a check if you experience these symptoms.
When choosing a CO detector to install, find a detector with a battery backup. These systems require less maintenance and will still continue working if the power in your home goes out. Some carbon monoxide detectors are available for under $20.00, and are worth the investment to keep your family & home safe.

Another way to make sure your systems are in working order and your home is CO free is to have a DENOMMEE Plumbing and Heating technician inspect your home heating equipment. Give us a call or visit our website at to schedule an appointment.